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Dewatering Thickening equipment for Sludge

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Dewatering & Thickening equipment for Sludge

│ Description │

- This product is a environmental equipment used in a sewage treatment plant, wastewater treatment plant and wastewater process for the plant
- The Sludge dewatering facilities to handle the moisture content is usually 80%-85% level. And usually treated wastewater(sewage) of concentrated high densities.
- In contrast Sludge moisture content of the product is 75%-80% level. Therefore this performance is superior to other facilities.
- In addition, high densities of the concentrated waste water(sewage) is also low density of waste water treatment, and also that are not concentrated (sewage) treatment are also possible.
- Since the concentration(thickening) and dewatering processes with good economy, and maintenance costs are low.
- The product of the moving plate type dehydrator used in sewage and wastewater, and the sludge reduction machine

│ Features and Benefits │

  • High-efficiency continuous operation.
  • Automatic operation is possible.
  • The operating cost reduction because the process simple.
  • The main unit is not structural deformation and wear durability because it is.
  • The operating environment is pleasant because less pollution, for example, noise, vibration, odor, etc.

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Moving Disk Type Dehydrator for Sludge