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Cylindrical Centrifuge

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Cylindrical Centrifuge

│ The main function │

  • Can be adjusted the moisture percentage contained in the Sludge
  • The rate of speed distinction is control by the hydraulic units
  • Operation status display
  • Dewatering filtrate checking
  • Vibration detection
  • Temperature sensing

│ Key distinction │

  • By adoption of the cylindrical bowl and screw conveyor with the shape of a reversed triangle, increase the centrifugal force.
  • The gap of two rotation speed each other is stably controlled by the hydraulic units.
  • Increase the dewatering efficiency by adopting a back-pressure structure.
  • Increased dewatering efficiency by the injection of the two-liquid injection within the equipments.

│ Features and Benefits │

  • achieve high performance for the inflow of various Sludge dewatering conditions.
  • various operating mode can be selected
    (low water content operation, low dr ug injection operation, etc.).
  • can also be maintained constant and stabilize the operation of the water content by the dehydration Cake hydraulic vehicle speed control.
  • low concentration Sludge can be processed.
  • easily can be processed in different capacities.
  • wash washing water usage is less the fact that it is only when it stops.
  • The low odor due to the enclosed structure.